Oct 31, 2011

Gratitude Mondays

Here is what I am loving today... 

(I would add them to so many more things) 

~A full weekend of  family birthday celebrations and Halloween party planing...
(I love the things my little ones come up with)

~ Fair Trade Cocoa...
(even if cocoa has a bit too much caffeine for me) 

~A baby who likes to find his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and belly button...
(just please no more finding MY belly button in public)

~A little girl who crafted her Halloween wings along side me..
(they are so beautiful.  More on that later.)

~A partner who helps me find order...
(in a time with little order)

~A little boy who asks for his jack-o-lantern to have "a witch on a broom, a cat and a moon"..
(last year it was a "laughing tree" this boy does not do simple.) 

Happy Halloween!!! 

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