Oct 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up #4

This week in first grade...

In Poetry..
Our poem of the week was October, from A Journey Through Time.  We started a new poem of the month, On Halloween, by Aileen Fisher.  My children think this short poem is hilarious.  Our narration activity this week was Elephant for Sale! by Maurice Poe.  (Drawing elephants is challenging for some, and spelling elephant is challenging for me.)

In Social Studies...
We talked a lot about the earth.   Reinforcing the concepts that we've recently covered in science, we looked for land features in satellite images, on the globe, and on our wall map.

In the Kitchen.. 
This week we made flat bread rolls from The Kindergarten Snack book.  Everyone got to get involved with this project.  We served the warm flat rolls for dinner with peanut butter, honey, and apple slices.

In Music...
We played Scribble Music.  It was a lot of fun.  Cyrus didn't like being asked to close his eyes during this project, so he opted only to play once.  Ava wanted to create scribble music in a variety of shades, and played many times.  They look forward to  "music class" all week.  I'm really happy that we decided to add this to our schedule.  It's required minimum effort, and everyone has had a blast with it.

In Art...

We played outside a lot this week.  In Arizona we're getting our first taste of temperate weather that lasts all afternoon.  Every chance my children had they went outside.  We did take some time to make these adorable fall blessings.

In Art Study..
We explored The Oregon Trail, by Albert Bierstadt.  When we sat down together to look at this painting, and talk about it Ava was pretty tired.  I wonder how much of her opinion was influenced by fatigue.   Ava thought that this painting "...looks like a dinosaur land.  The picture seems wild.  I don't really like it"   We did get out magnifying glasses to notice all the details in different areas of the painting, and she really liked that.

In Science We..
Went on a nature walk to collect tree specimens.   We are currently pressing and drying our leaves from the neighborhood trees.  We've done a little identifying using a field guide, but we are finding that to be very challenging.  Maybe we'll stick to pressing and mounting?

In Math We...   
~learned the term quadrilateral
~found similarity between adding ones and adding tens
~found similarity between partitioning ones and tens
~reviewed hundreds
~reviewed rectangle is a special quadrilateral
~reviewed that a square is a special rectangle
~partition hundreds
~read and write hundreds
~form new rectangles from existing rectangles
~played  Halloween Math Party

This has been a looong week.  
I've not been sleeping well, 
and its shows up in my patience and enthusiasm.  
Thankfully the weather couldn't have been better, 
  and my children didn't have to face the consequences of a cranky mother!
Next week
More Sleep is my theme.
Wish me luck!!

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Beth said...

Amanda, Your photographs, particularly of the children, are so, so beautiful. love, Beth

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