Nov 3, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up #8

This week in first grade we....

Took a different approach.  We both needed a break, and neither of us were thrilled with the idea of school this week.  So we didn't do regular school.  For most of the week we did very little.  Somehow I still managed to sneak in enough that I don't even feel remotely guilty about this either. 

We made pumpkin muffins, played a Halloween math game, spelling pretest and had many photo shoots for our fantastic costumes.

We had a serious candy experiment.  Complete with scientific procedure, graph paper and everything.  To her it was a game, to me it was a chance to expose her to a greater way to solve problems.

Park day with our local homeschool group.  Enough said.

Spelling games, art and character study, and some time with silly poems.  The silly poem was well, silly.

I think the art study either expanded her mind, or messed with it a bit.  MC Escher has that effect on people.

"It's a really interesting painting.  It shows you two views of the same time and they're both in different colors"  (most of her explanation of this painting had to do with taking a canvas and breaking it into quarters and how all of our other paintings have been whole pictures, but this one was in many pieces, and some how there is a bird wedding)

Technically Friday hasn't happened yet.  I plan on doing an actual math lesson,
exploring the European continent box, watch clog dancing videos, and listen to Celtic music.  I've done things so differently this week that I don't have pictures yet.  I'll come back and add them later!

I really really liked this week.  This week was all about making it work, being flexible, and using homeschool to our advantage.  Even though I feel like we took the whole week off, I still managed to keep us caught up on everything that depends on a schedule.  Next week we'll jump into November with renewed spirit.  November has it's own special circle time songs.  November is nice and short, especially now.  AND we take the whole month of December off!    I love homeschool.  LOVE IT.

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Phyllis said...

It looks like a lovely week to me! I find the more I relax and let them learn, the more they do.

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