Oct 3, 2011

Gratitude Monday

Here's what I'm loving today...

~Early birthday celebrations...
(I'm not really accepting that Ava's turning seven)

~A little girl who's missing her two top teeth...
(possibly the cutest smile I've ever seen)

~A baby who tries to tell "Knock Knock" jokes...
(I SWEAR he said "knock knock".
The facts that he doesn't talk yet, and he's only 15 months old are minor details)

~A little boy who maybe still doesn't quite get the interrupting cow knock knock joke...
(somedays he seems to get it, but others... probably not)

~A partner who distracts me..
(all in good ways)

~Waffle breakfasts with my family..
(not my ultimate breakfast food, be definitely my ultimate breakfast moments)

~Getting ready for my little girl's 7th birthday party...
(just a few weeks now!)

~Escaping it all in a book!

Here's to a new week! 
Maybe this is the week that I get my act together and everything flows smoothly?

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