Oct 18, 2011

A Harvest Birthday Party

Ava's seventh birthday (seriously?  SEVEN!?) was held this weekend at Mother Nature's Farm.  It was a really great time, even with temperatures hovering around 100*.  We clung to shade and enjoyed a harvest feast.  The kids bounced and yelled and played and explored the farm and decorated pumpkins.


My sweet first baby has taken seven trips around the sun.  This journey into seven seems different on a spiritual level.  She is shifting into an older child.  I'm so excited to see where this year takes her, and I'm also feeling the need to reevaluate my parenting.  We are entering a new realm, and I want to be ready for her.

For some reason my favorite pictures (and so the ones chosen for this post) are of the babies...


Kelly said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful Ava. Looks like she enjoyed a very beautiful, magical day. My first born has recently turned 9!! The years go fast, don't they.

cmp said...

Happy birthday to Ava!

leaner said...

Of course! That babies are the sweetest. I love the babies, too!

leaner said...

Oh and of course thank you for allowing us to celebrate another year of Ava with you! She is an amazing girl.

homemaderainbows said...

Oh Ava... happy birthday!
Yes how different seven is. I felt it too with my girl Amanda.
What a beautiful celebration...such inviting and gorgeous natural doings and colours everywhere... perhaps it is because I am an Autumn babe too...just at the other end of the year to your Ava, being upside down as we are. ;) xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Ava! Love Steph

curtis03 Lewis said...

Great theme! Seems perfect for a birthday party. Have heard a lot about all glamorous LA event venues from many of my known. Wanted to see from a long time. Got a chance to see them at the youth fest organized by our university. Quite spacious and interior is really unique. Impressed with the superb organization done there.

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