Oct 17, 2011

Gratitude Monday...

Here's what I am loving today...

~A very happy birthday party for my soon to be 7 year old...
(even if fall couldn't act remotely like autumn)

~A baby who dances...
(it's pretty silly.  He comes from a long line of bad dancers, poor thing)

~A little boy who for some reason has added the Padres as his other favorite baseball team.
(he tells everyone this.  I guess our one week in San Diego really changed his life)

~A girl who is changing.
(yes, they are always changing.  But this shift to seven seems very significant.  I'm going to keep loving the parts of her that I know, and get to know and love all her new parts)

~A partner who stays up all hours helping me make pies..
(another birthday party that I couldn't have accomplished with out him)

~Uncertain futures that are all consuming.
(I must love them if I think of nothing else, right?)
Here's to this new week.  
Getting answers?
Getting even more questions?
Lord I hope not.

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