Jan 6, 2011

Winter Watercolors...

This week we've been experimenting with water color paint and salt!  We are following the instructions from Wee Folk Art Winter Wonderland curriculum.  


Gather you materials...

~watercolor paint
~watercolor paper
~paint brushes
~salt (large grain, like kosher, or sea)
~black crayon
~towels (for all the inevitable messes)

Use your black crayon to draw out a simple winter scene. 

Paint your picture using generous amounts of water.

Sprinkle salt on all the areas of the painting you wish to look frosty.

Leave the salt on the painting until it thoroughly dries.

After several hours (or the next morning) gently wipe away all the salt.   What is left behind is a glittery salty frost effect.  It doesn't photograph well (for me) but its absolutely lovely!

We've had such a great time trying out this new technique, I hope you enjoy this too!

Thanks as always to Wee Folk Art for their overwhelmingly generous website, and to The Magic Onions for bringing us together each Friday.


Kimara said...

Please tell your wee ones that their winter scenes are lovely. In all my years of teaching preschool I had never used this technique. When Michelle and the children used the salt the first time, I was mesmerized! We are delighted your family is enjoying the unit. It sounds like you had a wonderful first week in the unit. Thanks for sharing :)

Grace said...

Gorgeous. I've got to try this.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful effect! Thanks for sharing!

W-S Wanderings said...

Wonderful. This is going on our crafty To Do list!

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