Jan 26, 2011

A little black, and a whole lotta color...

One of my favorite art mediums that my children work with has got to be chalk.  (Evident here, here, here and here)  Lately we've been taking the chalk off the board and onto paper.  I love how the simple process yields such dramatic results.

All you need is...
~Chalk (we use something like this)
~Dark heavy paper (we like black construction paper)
~Aerosol hairspray (I keep some on hand just for chalk art)
For this....

Once your child is satisfied with their creation, spray the entire image with hairspray (keeps the chalk from smearing).  We've found that pinning the drawing tightly to the walls keeps the paper from curling while it dries.

I really do love the results.  So do they.  And it really is so very simple.  Which then leads us to my eternal conundrum...  What do you do with all the resulting piles of beautiful art?


luxiii said...

My kids also like to draw on dark construction paper with chalk, but I never thought of hairspray to preserve it. Great idea! One idea to "save" kid's artwork is to lay 4 of the pages they drew on the floor and take a photo of them. That way you save their artwork without having lots of papers to keep track of. :)

Bending Birches said...

beautiful and vibrant!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Such beautiful art work- we've been experimenting with chalk stickers (which I coincidently linked in last weeks Friday Table via The Magic Onion). My monkeys have been making labels for various jars and recycled containers- So lovely to meet you- Hope you and yours have a great weekend.

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