Jan 20, 2011

Thank you...

I want to thank everyone for all the well wishes that I've received in these last few days.  It looks like all my babies should be 100% later today or tomorrow.  It has certainly been an adventure to have three down with the stomach flu while my much relied upon partner has to work his busiest month of the year.  Bleh.  Turns out that with a few small changes in 'ideals' all things are possible.  So my oldest two watched a whole bunch of tv, I spent one night sleeping on the floor, and my tiny baby had infant tylenol (gasp!), but we did it.  We got through.  I may have lowered my hygiene standards, and my house may be dirtier than I've ever seen it, but this time was in its own way very tender.  And again reaffirmed my absolute awe for all those single mothers of the world.  Damn.

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Kelly said...

So glad you are all getting over sickness! My best wishes, Kelly

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