Jan 24, 2011

Growing up hair....

Its happened.  Cyrus said he wanted his hair cut.  I admit I've been (gently) nudging him in that direction for some time now.  To say his hair was unruly would be a grave understatement.  I will also admit that I mourne the loss of his wild curly frock.

We headed to my sister in law's were she runs an in home business.  The location for his first hair cut couldn't have been cooler.  Pizza for lunch, exploring the gardens, playing with the chickens....


Grab a quick hair cut (on mamas lap.  Love that.)  And its off to slam dunk basketballs with your uncle's aid....
Aunt Rachael was gentle, patient, and very understanding.  She talked Cyrus through all of his apprehension.  He's more grown up now than he was before he faced down his trepidation.  Anticipation behind him, all that's left is pride.  He's so happy with his new hair.

And me... I'm happy too.  Really.  I am.  It can always grow back.   ... I'll never have that younger boy back.


Kelly said...

Oh, that is a big growing step. Cutting off his beautiful locks. He looks so sweet with his new haircut though!

leaner said...

Wow. He does look so very grown up. Its rather shocking! :) But he's quite handsome.

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