Jan 18, 2011

Out of the blue..

These things come on sudden, and they come on strong.
One minute we are playing math games, and enjoying a cookie.
The next minute we are dealing with a stomach flu virus.
Time to use every special trick you can think of to
make your little one feel comfortable.
Couch beds
Warm washcloths scented with Chamomile
Homeopathic Ipecac
A little light television
Sparse ice-chips
A lot of story reading, and story telling
Countless reassurances that she will get through this,
that its hard but it will be over soon
"I love you"s,
"I'm right here"s
"You are doing such a good job"

With any luck by the time we are to have lunch again this will all be behind us.
And maybe, just maybe she'll be the only one who gets it.

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Grace said...

FEEL BETTER! This was my oldest last week. Fever, vomit, all over in 12 hours and nobody else got it. Hope it goes that easy for you.

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