Jan 13, 2011

H week wrap up..



This week in our home school we...

~ explored the letter H
~experimented with making frost
~studied the illustration  Raven Addressing the Assembled Animals by Miskin
~read the poem "The Song of the Herb Twopence Fairy" by Cicely Mary Barker
~discussed the life's work of Snowflake Bentley
~ read Snowballs, by Lois Ehlert
~made paper snowflakes
~learned the terms ellipse, hexagon, rhombus,cent, penny, and nickle
~observed symmetry and 'reflection' in geometry, and butterflies
~practiced recognizing 10s and 1s on the abacus
~continued counting by 2s into the 30s and beyond
~worked with clay to make winter imprints of evergreens, possibly to use as next years Christmas gifts!

Another great week!  As I continue to love homeshcooling I am inspired to keep a log of some of the wonderful things we've been working on and learning.  Could this be my new Friday blog posts?  Maybe, we'll see if I like it. 


CloseAcademy said...

There is a lot of us who do weekly reports on Fridays. It looks like you have a nice flow and such neat ideas for homeschooling.

Sylvia said...


I would love to read weekly reports of your homeschooling. I love the relaxed way you are learning with your children!

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