Jan 3, 2011

Best of Crafting...

My crafting process is mostly spontaneous.  The best part (to me) about crafting are those unexpected moments of creative spark.  Sometimes those sought after moments don't even need to be mine to be special.  That's the magic of crafting with children, those moments can be shared, can be ours.  Being together following each other's lead as we discover where the moment and the materials will take us.

A few weeks ago She (my little protege) followed me as I followed my desire to make something for our favorite little niece (cousin).  Something colorful, something to adorn her delicate blond hair, something whimsical...

 I came up with a bouquet of hair clips.
And She followed close behind...

Now She, and her baby, have a matching set to our beloved cousin (niece).  Time spent crafting, teaching, learning, and following our muse.  What really could be better?

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Alyssa Spring said...

Oh my gosh I love those clips! I work with felt too and LOVE it. There is a link on my blog for Checkout girl...I don't know if you've seen her work but it's fabulous!

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