Dec 9, 2010

Wreath Mania....

Much like the birth of our Valentine wreath, this years Christmas wreaths were spontaneous.  The teething baby  needed to lay down, my children needed something to do with all their extra energy from cocoa day.

 Enter desperation inspiration.  I have a rather large tote box of bits, for lack of a better word.  Bows, bells, faux greens... a mass collected over generations. (dating back to the 70's)

I opened up the biiiig box of supplies, and passed out wreaths with the instruction of "Go nuts, but please be quiet" (or something like that).  Later, with the baby asleep, I came to find them working so carefully on their own interpretations of the perfect wreath.  The moment was incredible.  

In the end Ava's masterpiece had a focus on flowers, and shine...

While Cyrus was drawn to add more greens, and bells, and bows...

With all their creative energy flowing, I knew just what to make.  Inspired by this little guy, I got out my own wreath, felt and pinking sheers.

My wreath was made with strips of  overlapping felt, and held together with one straight pin to finish. It turns out that I just really love decorating with wreaths. (I don't know why I've been in such denial about this) I love the simple shape, and the endless possibilities.  (a little confession, counting the ones I have put away for different holidays I estimate I own approximately 8 wreaths.  At least.)  

A moment of desperation, turned to a moment of inspiration, and the creation of art.  Possibly a tradition in the making.   

Thank you to The Magic Onion for bringing us together in our moments of creating with our children.


mrana said...

I liked Cyrus's wreath the most

hands follow heart said...

Wow, you are prolific wreath makers and our they look amazing! I'm struggling with only one and it is quite small!

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