Dec 6, 2010

A trip to visit Santa 2010...

As we have for the last two years, this year we went to the Phoenix Rosson House for a visit with Santa. A truly magical day in a quaint setting.

Ava was thrilled as we made our way to see Santa.  She had written him a really loving letter, and carefully drew a picture of flowers as he "probably doesn't have very many flowers in the North Pole".  Both of my older children were so eager to get there.  There were so many discussions about how much they wanted to see Santa, and what they were going to talk to him about.

 Until we got there.  And then...

 Cyrus absolutely changed his mind. 

Santa, Ava, and Sol waited patiently while Matt and I talk to Cyrus about his options.  To be honest, I really do like having the annual 'Santa photo', but I am totally cool with the idea that we are there for the magic.  My concern was that next week Cyrus would regret his missed opportunity.   Ava had plenty of time to chat with Santa about their shared love of all things Christmas, and how she would really like him to chose between a highchair, or a cradle for Lucy. (Lucy is Ava's baby)
 Enter the art of compromise.  (a strength of mine)

 Cyrus stood in front of Santa's cart.  He told him what he wanted for Christmas (a crane), and talked to him a little bit about how they both love trains.

 And I still have my pretty little photo to remember the day by.  (Sans one Cyrus)

I'll save the rest of our trip for tomorrow's post!  Have a beautiful Tuesday.


Grace said...

What a unique place for visiting Santa.

I like the photo with your son in front of the carriage. Precious.

Phyllis said...

How beautiful and magical! Makes me want to talk to Santa!:)

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