Dec 23, 2010


I love my Christmas trees.  I loves me some ornaments.  My collection spans several generations, a few families, (thanks to some Buddhists friends who gifted several vintage ones to me) and several styles.  From funky, to classic, from mass produced to handmade, I love them all.

I will now admit that I have taken A LOT of pictures this month.  So far I'm at 1,367.  (um, I haven't even had the major holiday yet) That number is not including videos, or the unknown amount on my memory chip from today.  A large percentage of my near fourteen hundred photos is of ornaments.  Like a crazy person, I can't seem to stop.   As with most other crazy things I do, I feel like sharing them with the world!  And now, with out further ado, I give you 17 random photos of said ornaments.  (for some reason unknown to me, my favorites are not represented.  This equals more opportunities for next year...)

Whew!  Hopefully that's out of my system.  (until next year of course)  I'm going to step away from blogging for a few days so I can fully emerse myself in all things family holidays.  When I come back I'll probably spend a full week talking about some of my favorite memories this holiday season has blessed me with!
Much love,

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heather said...

that snowman made me happy...:) i love your new camera!!

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