Dec 27, 2010

Baking up Memories...


One of my favorite holiday traditions are the days spent baking with my babies grandmas.  This year there were many days of making cookies, and treats, but none as special (I think) as the two days they look forward to each year.  A day with Matt's mother making cookies, and candies.  And a day with my mother making a cake from the very same bundt pan that we used in my own childhood. 

I am so very grateful for these two women.  I am so grateful on behalf of my children that their grandmother's are here to give them the loving gift of tradition, and memories.


Phyllis said...

This is a wonderfully sweet post. I wish I had this, but sadly, I do not. You and your daughters are so blessed.

Grace said...

gingerbread men and women are our tradtion too. yum and fun.

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