Dec 19, 2010

Gratitude Monday...

What I love today...

~A partner who lets me open my Christmas present early....
(now I have time to learn to use it proper before Christmas day.  In theory.)

~My new Christmas present!!!!
(eek!  I am so excited to lean how to use this!!!)

~Cheese and crackers...
(the cheese, and the crackers, have changed a bit, but its a life long favorite)

~Rainy winter days
(In Phoenix, they are welcome.  Trust me.)

~Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows...
(cocoa from scratch... maybe next year the marshmallows too)

~A baby who is definitely on his way to crawling...
(one little inchworm movement at a time)

~A boy who's curls turn to ringlets in the rain..
(He is SO Pretty!!!)

~A girl who teaches me how to be a better momma...
(sometimes its painfully beautiful, sometimes its just painful.)

~There are 4 days 'till Christmas!!!!!
(5 crafting nights, counting tonight)

May your week be filled with holiday magic, whatever the flavor!

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