Dec 13, 2010

Cowboy Cookout....

This year Matt's office Christmas party was a hayride cookout at Ponderosa Stables.  Amazing!  We had such a great time.  So many things to explore, so many adventures to have!  Horses, and cowboys, cats, chickens, and cactus. Hayrides, and fireside cookouts.

(can you see the horse head?)

Our evening finished with one last bit of magic...
As we were heading out Ava was full of questions about horses.  "if only a cowboy were here, he would tell us." she sighed.  Then just like movie magic a cowboy stepped out of the shadows... "here's a cowboy you can ask."  Ava and Cowboy Bill had a great talk about how horses sleep, and eat, and all sorts cowboy talk.  Cowboy Bill asked my children if they would like to take some magic home from the stables, and offered horse shoes.  He gave each of them a real horse shoe to take home and hang above in their bedroom to bring them good luck.  Ava and Cowboy Bill then traded stories of fairy magic, and horse shoe magic.  Bill shared with her his very own experiences with the Tooth Fairy.  What a very special evening that my family will never forget.  Thank you Cowboy Bill.


Grace said...

What a great idea for a party. Cowboy Bill sounds like quite the guy!

April said...

How cool is Cowboy Bill?! Rock on!

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