Feb 18, 2010

Valentine wreath...

I have been seeing a lot of wreaths on blogs lately. Here, here, here, and years ago here.  (technically that's two recent blogs and one very not recent, but you get the idea)  Its not something I would normally think of doing for myself, its sometimes too 'country charm' for me... and yet... I found myself drawn to the idea.  Thinking about what materials I would use,  and how I could make one my way (read super simple, and free-ish).   Keeping the wreath in the back of my mind I was inspired after all of our projects these last few days left me with a big heaping pile of scraps.  I hesitate to throw things out, hoping always to find a way to repurpose... Add in one fine day with my little ones full of energy ready to fight with one another, or create something together...  And there you go.  Birth of my free Valentine's Day Wreath.

~I used an old grapevine wreath (sitting in a closet waiting for something to do)
~Scraps in a variety of colors, mostly red, and white
~and scissors

We simply cut my fabric into strips and tied them onto the wreath.  So uncomplicated. 

Within minutes we were done.  For now it hangs by my February table.  We left the ties visible, I may decide to clean the look up some and cut them back.  For today we like it messy.

My project was free, my babies helped in every step, we ended up repurposing an old wreath, and finding new life for scraps destined for the trash.  That's my kind of project!

And... one last note... I also think this was a good lesson for my babies in finding ways to upcycle and protect mother earth, all while making our home pretty!  (Also a good lesson for me in stepping in and changing the situation before the big fights begin. The power of proactive parenting, but that's one for another day...)

Thank you to The Magic Onions for bringing us together week after week to share in each others journeys.


leaner said...

I LOVE this! Really pretty.

nocton4 said...

so delightful xx

nocton4 said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog.
i am enjoying looking through yours at the moment, it is very inspiring.
Thanks for taking the time to share.
Love and wishes for a great weekend

Elizabeth said...

Love the wreath and the fact that all your materials were recycled! I love finding new uses for what most would consider trash.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment. I like the idea of a single flower.

Linda said...

Hello Amanda,
Thank you for stopping by my blog:) Your wreath is beautiful indeed! Your reuse of materials is amazing and very inspiring.

childhood magic said...

sweet wreath!

Jacqui said...

What a beautiful, simple wreath - and a lovely blog too!

leaner said...

I love how on here, your walls don't look purple (as they do in person). They look taupe. That is what they are meant to be, yes?

Amanda said...

Yes exactly! I thought the paint I put up was grey. It looked like clay to me. Everyone else sees purple. Go figure.

Anonymous said...
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