May 3, 2010

Gratitude Mondays...

What I love today.....

~31 weeks, 9ish to go...  (wow in the single digits now!)

~Transition from cool weather crops to warm weather crops in the garden...

~The fact that I have my "May" table put up, and its only May 3rd!!  (the last few months I've been off by a few weeks)

~Jam season has begun!

~A partner who is happy to spend the day weeding the front yard, and making delicious jam!  (13 jars so far)

~Ava's letter to the tooth fairy... an early introduction

~Cyrus's ability to flow from frustrated, or angry to joyful and happy...  You gotta love those water signs, especially if you are an earth sign...

~Making the move to maple syrup... so yummy.  Seriously, what took us so long?

~Apples turning red...

~Getting closets organized!!!

Here's to another week!  May it be as fruitful and organized as my weekend was!

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Leanne said...

What wonderful things to be loving right now!

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