May 5, 2010

Ready or not

We have a new family member on the way.   In just two short months (or excruciatingly Looong, depending on the view) our two babies will be three.  Our family of four will be five.  (Our three bedroom house, well, that will still be a three bedroom house.)  These two little people so full of love, life and color will become older siblings.  Our balance is going to shift.  Change is on the horizon.  Will we be ready?  Will we adapt with grace?  (will we ever think of names!?!)  The doula has been hired, the midwife knows the plan.  My closets are all getting redone.  I am as set as I am going to be...   Now how to ensure that my two most precious little people are too?


leaner said...

They will be wonderful. I can not wait to see Cyrus as a big brother. Ava is going to be a huge help, I know she will. She already exudes great big sister vibes.
Take it from an oldest sibling, this will at times make them happier than they ever imagined and at other times mad. But its just another level of love in your family.

suzanne said...

Hi there Amamda

How wonderful that you are so close to having your new little one. I have a 5 member family and I love it. 3 little bodies present all the time. I cannot believe that number 3 has turned 7 already...

I have not made perfume before but I got the instructions from the Australian womans weekly natural book. They have lovely homemade household cleaning recipes and face products etc..

Have a wonderful day Amanda
Warm regards

Kelly said...

enjoy your last few months. It goes so quickly even though at the time it feels like a long time. I am sure you will all find a new rhythm really quickly and there will be even more love in your family. Such a wonderful time for you all. Blessings to you!

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