May 6, 2010

Zoo stories....

A few weeks ago my dear partner Matt took my babies to the Tucson zoo while I had a lovely lunch with my mother.  I was going through the pictures recently and there was something about them.  The sequence of events tells a story.  A story about life at the zoo, and a story about my husband.  Let me share it with you, as I think it goes...

Oh, how pretty.  They have peacocks.  I love peacocks.

Oh, how cool!  This guy is putting on a show!  I hope he turns around so I can see his plumage! 

 Oh, he's turning!  Wait for it......
Wait for it......
That's the end of the story.  No more peacock pictures.  A lot of turtle humping though.  (he even took one from his cell phone and text it to me)

Happy Thursday Everyone!


April said...

This is the most "you" blog I have seen you post. Bravo for humping turtles.

Amanda said...

I have many facets.

Leanne said...

Oh so funny! Gorgeous peacocks...I'd love some of those.

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