May 25, 2010

Sunflower obsessions...

Our Sunflowers are getting a lot of love around here.
They have gotten SO big.
I never remember growing them this tall before.
I guess they really like where they are, and we really like them there too.
We built our children a Sunflower house, and they love it.
But they also love hiding behind the house.
Its another secret corner.
One that is shaded and cool.


I asked Matt to stand by the house last week so I could show my sister how tall these flowers are.
Matt is just about 6 feet tall.
Matt doesn't know that I am using his image on my blog today.

But today is a special day for us.
On this day, May 25, 1995
Matt and I started officially dating.
15 years today.
Now we've been married for almost 7 years.
We have two beautiful children, and one on the way.
We have a happy haphazard garden,
and one very Tall Sunflower House obsession.
I love you Matt.

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Betsy said...

That is very cool!! I think that is my very favorite thing in you whole back yard!!!!

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