May 21, 2010

Friday's Nature table...

A tour with Ava....

Ava spends a lot of her time explaining how she sees things.  One of her recent explanations has been Cat Nature.  She has shown each of us around the yard giving us a tour.  I decided to document Cat Nature.  Here it is, in her words....

What is Cat Nature?
Cat Nature is a place where a kitty cat likes to go.  Of course Fiona goes to the best.
Will you show it to me?
Yes!  I'll show you all the parts of Cat Nature.

First, this is Lady Bug Nature.
Wait, what's Lady Bug Nature?
Ladybug Nature is a place where only Ladybugs, little ones, eggs, and larva live.
Does Fiona ever visit Ladybug nature?
Why not?
Because its just so tiny.  She doesn't fit.
This is how I look into Cat Nature.  Wondering if I should go in there sometime...
Have you ever tried to fit?
Yep, I fit.  But only when I squat.  Otherwise I would take up the space of the spiders, or ants.
Are there lots of spiders and ants in there?
Naw, I just saw a spider in there.  I don't think it was a black widow.  The web wasn't messy.  It had built a little sack for baby spiders.  It was so cute.
I'm looking to see if Fiona is using this spot.
Is she?
No, not right now.  She's found someplace else to be.
I saw some lizards that were really big when I looked into Cat Nature.  About this big.
What are the lizards doing there?
Um, running and enjoying the sunlight.  Trying to stay away from those monsters, which are kitties.  Female cats are good hunters.
Its good to check the corn.  It could be full of Ladybugs, and larva. 
Do we still have larva in our yard?
Well, mostly they've all turned into Ladybugs, and moved to different plants.  The corn is the room where the new Ladybugs are born.
These have to sit in the ground for a long long long time so they can grow.
What are they?
Little tiny yellow flowers, but they haven't had time to bloom yet.
Are they weeds?
They are really stinky.  So I think they are like half weed, and half flower.
This is a really shady spot.  If you stay here for a while you will have to go into the house so your eyes can adjust to the sun again.
Are these the best spots?
They are really just my most favorite.  And when you like Cat Nature, you just really love these spots.
Thank you Ava.  I love you.
Your welcome, I love you too.

I may have to ask Cyrus to give me a tour sometime.  Its so enlightening to be given a chance to see into their worlds.

A special thank you to The Magic Onions for bringing us together every Friday to share our worlds of Nature.

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Cheryl said...

How lovely to see it through Ava's eyes. I'm going to get my children to take me on a tour.

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