Apr 30, 2010

Friday's Nature Table...

Sometimes a simple act of taking a photo can reveal a new world.
My children love "the front yard"
I prefer the back.

There is magic in the front yard.  My babies know this.
And sometimes, when I am lucky, I too can see the magic.
I can see a glimpse of this hidden world from their perspective when I look through the camera.

There are hidden holes for spiders, or gnomes...
Magical fairy flowers, with special names...
This one is called a "Cowtock" flower.  
No one knows how Ava came up with the name, as it was before she could really communicate with us.  Its just always been "Cowtock".
She spent a year taking care of Cowtocks.  Picking them, washing them, making special beds on her pillow...

There is room to drive the "fire truck" 
(Cyrus has named his red bike.. also decorated it with a basket, and a bird house..)

trees to 'climb'....
And "golden balls" for making wishes.

Thank you to The Magic Onions for bringing us together to find the magic in our natural worlds around us!


softearthart said...

A lovely Nature landscape, all at home. cheers Marie

Jacqui said...

Beautiful picture - I love the magic Cowtocks - so sweet. x

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