May 12, 2010

Garden Babies...

We have little garden babies all over our backyard.  So many cute little things, that one day will be so rewarding.  Like a proud mother I present to you my baby pictures....

~Anna the apple tree...  Her little apples are looking more apple-y every day.  The little hint of blush is so charming, don't you think?

~Teeny Tiny baby cucumbers...  These little guys are supposed to be growing up a trellis, but I keep putting off actually buying the trellis.... maybe they will just hang?

~Very productive Zucchinis... This is my first successful year with zucchini.  Last year the squash bugs ate them, this year we are!  Take that pests!

~Sauer Family Raspberries....  The Sauer family was very kind to give us a few roots to plant in March.  Now we have three little starts that I have biiiig hopes for.  Oh please let them be as good as they are at the Sauer's house.

~Grapes...  We have three grape vines, three different kinds.  Unfortunately I have no idea what kind these are...  Until the fruit ripens, and possibly not even then, its just a guess...  One of the fun side effects of gardening with children!  The first might be pearl something, and the 2nd might be thompson, or flame?

~Citrus!  I am so very excited for these little guys.  They have a long way to go, sadly I have no clue how long.  This is our first year with citrus fruit, and so much is a guess.  The first picture is Myer Lemon, the second is Navel Orange.  Aren't the adorable?

~Tomatoes.... we have 9 different tomato plants in our gardens this year.  Several more if you count all the little tomato plants that have sprouted up like weeds everywhere my babies dropped one last year!  I am not sure which variety this one is.

There you are.  My baby book.  My sweet little darlings.  I hope I get to eat them.


Cheryl said...

Your garden is going so well. Your way ahead of mine. Our cucumbers are at the four leaf stage. I really miss having citrus in our garden. We used to have a bread lemon tree when we lived in Italy. The blossom smelt amazing. Only chance of lemons in this country is in a heated conservatory. Off to talk to my cucumbers.

gardenmama said...

Wow! Your garden looks amazing!
I like that you call them your 'garden babies' : )

Krista said...

Wow! You look like you know what you're doing out there! It also looks like you're at least 6 weeks ahead of us with regards to growing seasons. I so look forward to posting up my babies.... Your babies are bea-uuu-tiful!

Amanda said...

Thank you ladies! We have no idea what we are doing, we are complete novices. I am a garden by google sort of gal... The process has been so much fun!

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