Jun 15, 2014

Sunday Picnic: Berkeley Rose Garden and Codornices Park

This picnic was technically at two different parks.  Berkeley Rose Garden, and Codornices Park.  We started with the Rose Garden which has over 3,000 bushes of 250 varieties of roses.  We set up on one of the wooded trails that surround the park with views of the bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge.  After lunch Matt and the kids hiked a bit while I cleaned up and, well, enjoyed the roses.  The Rose Garden connects to another park through an under street tunnel, Codornices Park.  At Codornices the big event for Cyrus (and Matt) is the 40 foot long cement slide.  Sol loves the train themed little playground and Ava likes to go on "Adventure Walks" through the surrounding trails.  We've been to this park a few times now, it's a family favorite.

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