May 18, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up #27

This week in first grade we...

 May 13- May 18
This is the 9th week of our 9 weeks of
 "throw everything out the window, accomplish what must be done"
 era of first grade.
(every thing we must accomplish = math, spelling, and phonics) 
This week was all about review.  It's been a few weeks since we've done any school work, and I wanted to have a gentle transition back into our rhythm.
 I had Ava write a few sentences about our move for us to proof read together.  We went over previous math lessons including the warm ups, and games.  This week's 'schedule'  had us skipping phonics, and reviewing spelling, so that worked perfectly.  We read together everyday, and I read some poetry to her.  With all that, I really didn't take any pictures of 'school'.  whoopsie.

This week has me thinking a lot about 'schedules'.  I think I'd like to shift away from long stretches of work, coupled with long breaks through out the year and move towards shorter stretches of work and many small breaks.  Along with that I would also like to add a Charlotte Mason influence to the pacing of our day.  I'd like to make sure we end a lesson before she gets tired of it.  I want to try to stop 'pushing' through things.  (the lesson, the hour, the month)  I think that this will change her perspective of 'school' for the better.

I'm pretty excited.  I love homeschool.


Auntie Rachael said...

When I was at your house your children amazed me! You are doing a wonderful job at home schooling! I wish you were Zachary's teacher

Phyllis said...

I have loved watching your school adventures this year. It has been a beautiful year.

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