Dec 28, 2011

Week 10 Wrap Up...

This week in first grade...

In Poetry..
Our poem of the week was Important Spoon, from Important Book, by Margaret Wise Brown (I think it's amusing that Ava feels she needs to correct what is and what isn't important in this book)
Our poem of the month was Prediction from Swing Around the Sun.  Our silly poem this week was The Wheels on the Bus, a very old, very silly, and somehow oddly infectious poetic singalong.  Ava drew a picture with oil pastels depicting our homeschool on a bus, in the forest.

In Social Studies....
We explored Antarctica.  A fascinating frozen dessert.  I don't have a whole lot to put in my content box, yet, but I look forward to adding more.

In the Kitchen..
Ava was thrilled to start safe knife practice.  Using a pineapple gave us lots to chop, and a delicious snack!

In Music...
We made music with glasses of water.

In Art..
We made Antarctica collages.   I found an old National Geographic with a cover story about Antarctica, and we used it to make (and learn about) collages.

In Art Study..
I've lost my notes on this particular art study.  What I remember clearly is that Ava liked this painting, but wasn't thrilled.  She said it may be an interesting place to explore, as the desert looked different from 'our desert', and she insisted on calling the bones 'dinosaur bones'.  Oh, Ava.

In Science We..
We discussed how to identify various materials.  Described how to separate items into categories using differing characteristics.  (Metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic, textiles, fiber, fabric, elastic, wood, leather, glass)

In Math We... 
~added four place numbers with the base-10 cards
~took the "nine week test", and passed exceptionally.

This week actually wrapped up over a month ago so I wrote this based off notes.  I'll let you know a secret about what I do remember:  This was the last week of school that was fully completed in the month of November.  We all got into the holiday spirit just a tad early.  (that and for a few days there was a very real possibility that our family was moving 800 miles away in three weeks from Thanksgiving.  Eeesh.)

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leaner said...

I love the Antarctica is a fascinating frozen dessert. Mmmm, I'll take a big bowl of Antarctica. (And why is it so hard to spell Antarctica?)

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