Sep 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap up #2

This week in first grade...

In Poetry..
We read Autumn from Journey Through Time, and started working to memorize our poem of the month.   The Silly Poem this week was Arabella Miller.  Ava drew a funny scene from the poem, and Cyrus drew what he thought the caterpillar looked like.
In Social Studies....
We talked about the evolution of our world.  I used these two great books, Life Story and Life on Earth.  Both books really brought to life the story of evolution.  Ava loves them, she even recognized that one of the facts in Life Story (written in 1962) was now outdated.  Pretty cool.

In the Kitchen..
We made orange pineapple banana popsicles.   YUM.  Perfect treat for this unbearable heat!
~1 Cup Orange Juice
~3 Bananas
~1/2 Cup Pineapple Juice
~Blend, add to popcicle molds, and freeze.

In Music...
We played a tweaked version of Rhythm Baseball.  It involved a lot of running and laughing that was desperately needed at the time.  Did we learn heaps about Rhythm?  I could care less.

In Art..
Painted a representation of our poem of the week.  And... We decorated the house for fall!
In Art Study..
We explored Hunters in the Snow, by Pieter Breugel.  Ava said "I think this is pretty great!  It's very pretty.  I like big beautiful views of pretty places more than cities."  I think I'd agree to that.
 In Science We..
~Drew Maps
~Finished this map workbook that we started over the summer
~Identify North and South Poles on a globe
~Solidified the correlation that maps are flattened (and in most cases up close) images from the globe

In Math We...
~reviewed half
~learned that quarter is half of half
~found a quarter of twelve objects, a dollar, and an hour
~learned the term octagon and tessellate
~made paper octagons from two squares
~discovered whether square, rectangles or octagons can tessellate
Another full week.  Another great week.  Ava read a book aloud to Matt this week.  A very exciting breakthrough for her, as she would only read aloud to me previously.  We also started our weekly park days with other homeschool families again this year!

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