Dec 28, 2011

Week 12 Wrap Up

For the 2nd year in a row I haven't been able to get an actual "week 12" completed.  I should really prepare for this phenomena next year.  During the month of December we did a little bit of phonics to keep us on pace, and let every thing else go.  I love having my babies celebrate 25 days of christmas.  Every day there was something to look forward to either a craft, baking, activity for the family, or a small gift.  Here's a little bit of what my darling Ava was up to...

Thank you so very much for sharing our first 12 weeks of first grade with us.  It's been a fantastic year so far.  I look forward to the next trimester of school.  Oh man, you though I got distracted this year?  We have some BIG changes coming up in the next few months.  Thank goodness we homeschool.


arianne said...

Good luck with your big changes. Those pine cones are just perfect.

Jessica said...

Homeschooling works wonders when lifes little changes pop up that for sure:)Xmas is for having fun, normally we do something different each day, but this year that didnt quite happen!

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