Apr 27, 2011

This year in eggs...

...not the whole year, just the Easter season.  We've had a lot of successes this season, some of them stemming from some massive failures.  (I'm not being modest, I actually used over 16 cups of water in a dye bath that called for 4)  Thankfully I read a lot of blogs.  Thankfully these blogs talk about egg decorating before the holiday, not after, so I could adjust our plans on the spot, and save the day.  Thank you ladies!!!

First we decorated wooden eggs.  We gave them a little sanding, painted them with watercolor, and rubbed them down with beeswax polish.  So simple.  For some wood burning effect Ava and I drew our designs in sharpie first.

A few days later we decorated our chicken eggs.  I planned on making a set of blue, pink and yellow from natural dyes.  After that didn't work (I ought not talk on the phone while working in the kitchen) we switched to melting crayon on hot eggs.  The results were really dramatic.  I can definitely see us doing this again and again.

All our eggs in one basket (if you will)...


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