Apr 1, 2011

Spring Break Wrap Up....

This week in our Spring Break we....

Enjoyed every minute of our back yard.  The weather is heating up now (its supposed to be 96* today.  Yikes!), and I believe our week was perfectly timed.    The back yard is buzzing the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming.  We made friends with ladybugs (larva, pupa, and adult), Ava made them a home with lots of soft dandelion fuzz (because Ladybugs Loove this, if you didn't know) and lots of aphids for them to eat.  Cyrus found a green caterpillar and named him 'my tickle friend'.  When it was time to come inside we made a rock alphabet (more on that later).

Monday we start our first day with Spring Bs from Wee Folk Art.  We are refreshed and ready.  It was a really great week!

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