Apr 13, 2011

For the Love of Gold...

 ~Blooming Palo Verde.  
The state tree of Arizona, with a rare April storm coming in.

~Misumena Vatia 
(crab spider, goldenrod spider) 
fascinating little guy surprised Ava as she was collecting aphids for her lady bug larva collection.
 Bella, the alpha male cat.  
(result of 5 year old with naming rights)
Yellow ladybug freshly hatched from her pupa shell.  
Her spots hadn't shown up yet!  
(more on her later)

I'm seeing yellow with a new perspective these days.  Last week it was the soothing white and greens that I felt drawn to.  This week I feel the energizing pull of yellow.  Hello Yellow!


karen said...

what beautiful sunny yellows! beautiful

leaner said...

Yellow is my favorite color, followed closely by orange. I find that when I surround myself (or wear) yellow I feel more energized. :)

Grace said...

I love yellow. That tree photo just blows me away.

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