Apr 12, 2011

Garden love

 meyer lemon
 blackberry (could be raspberry)
 Grape (forgot the variety)
 Anna Apple

Our move has been delayed from late Spring, to late Summer.  It is sometimes tricky knowing how to plan your future with so many variables in the air.  So today we'll stick with what we know, what we have.  I am so grateful to have one more season to harvest from our edible garden.  One more chance to appreciate the sweet rewards of gardening.  One more cycle to learn.  

And plus, aren't flowers just pretty?


suzanne said...

Hello Amanda

So nice to receive your greeting today. How nice that you have Spring and a promise of Summer in the air. I see you are planning to move...I hope all works out for you and your family. Sometimes the words 'living in the present' can be tough when you know that a change is coming...good luck though

A happy day to you
Warm regards

Cinnamon said...

Hi! The flowers are beautiful, we are just starting to get some flowers here in Flagstaff (all the early risers, like tulips and bluebells). Are you moving to a different house, or farther away (such as out of state)?

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