Oct 5, 2012

Week In Homeschool #9

The theme of the week :   
(some of my roving stash)
~We read:
Sheep and Goats:  These nonfiction books have loads of information on sheep and goats.  We just skimmed through them, as our topic is wool, not sheep and goats!
Our Farm: An anthology of farm poems.  I had a lot of reading for us this week, so we only read the sheep and goat poems.  Cyrus loved one of them so much I read it 3 or 4 times in a row.
Weaving the Rainbow:  This is a very pretty book, that may be worth purchasing.  The children found the story of an artist and her sheep very inspiring.
The Goat in the Rug:  This is an old favorite from our home library.  A based on true story tale of a Navajo woman  with her goat, and the step by step process she uses to create a Navajo rug.
From Sheep to Sweater: A very simple non fiction look at the journey of sheep wool.  Maybe a little too simple.

Our Letter of the week:

~Snack: Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.
~Flower Fairy Poem: The Song of the Jasmine Fairy
~Book :  Just a Dream

Our Poem of the Month:
Our first week with Hallowe'en.  The kids are very excited about this poem, and have some big plans for the end of the month.

In Art:
  We made wool fleece/roving 'paintings'.  We hand washed unprocessed short hair wool that I have in my stash, and then used some of that wool in our 'paintings'.

Created a sunny scene with sheep grazing on flowers, and pumpkins.

Created a sunny field with a pumpkin, a baby santa, a few sheep, and some spooky bats in the sky.

Art Study:
 we examined Domino Players by Horace Pippin

Ava: "I see a lot of different details.  I like the pattern under the shelf.  It doesn't seem like that's a kind of fireplace that we'd have today.  The candle is like a candle that I'd want to have in my room.  It's pretty and if I got it today it would probably be an antique."

Cyrus:  "I see a bunch of dominoes.  I think there should be more color in the painting instead of just white and black.  I wish there was just a little bit more color.  I wish they didn't make the scissors open because I feel like someone could get hurt and cut."

In History:
We read about the Assyrian Empire, and a story about Gilgamesh.

In Science:
This week in science we talked about Day and Night, and the Earth's Rotation.   This image is actually an uber large globe from last week's trip to the academy of science, but I like it!

In Math:

*Continued with review.  9s, 8s, and Two 5s strategies
*Started working with Practice Sheets that I laminated and added to a new binder.   She charts and graphs her results.  She created a Jelly Bean binder cover, which is pictured.
*Started a recording temperature, and graphing the daily highs for the month of October.

*Value of penny and a nickle, and term cent
*Use a geoboard to make reflections, and copies
*terms reflection, symmetrical
*rearranging objects into groups of 10

In Our Nature Journals:

This is a copy of Ava's last week's nature journal entry.  Cyrus hasn't been very excited about working in his nature journal lately.  Maybe he needs some new supplies? 
The bamboo at night.

In Peace:
We read, and discussed Old Turtle and the Broken Truth.  A beautifully written story with gorgeous water colors with the message "You are Loved.  And so are They"

Field Trip:  

We had the opportunity to surprise our children again this week.  This time we took them to the Jelly Belly Factory to see where one of their favorite candies are made.  This is something that I've been secretly planning on doing since before we moved.  It was a magical day.

This was another great week.  There will be a few things that I'll want us to work on over the weekend, but since we had our field trip last weekend, that won't be a problem.   To top every thing off, and to make me feel like a homeschooling goddess~  My house is *mostly* beautifully clean, and my laundry is *mostly* all the way done!  I have my wrap up written before 3:00 on Friday, and I'm about to take a shower Alone, while my baby naps!  oh it's good to be a homeschool mom sometimes.

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Phyllis said...

Oh, I love this week! (I know, I say that every week, don't I?) My favorite this week is the roving wool pictures. Lovely. They are so peaceful and happy in all of the pictures this week.

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