Mar 4, 2013

Week in Homeschool #23

Here's a look at our 23rd week of homeschool.  February 18th-22nd.

Our theme:

When we moved we added new local guides to our bird book collection.  Since we've had so many Robins visit our yard, I added a book the examines the life cycle of the Robin.
  Ava chose to create a Robin life cycle in her nature journal.  She sectioned her page into 5 stages:
1. eggs
2. hatching
3. mother feeding the young
4. learning to find their own food
5. adult male feathers
Cyrus was excited to paint our newest bird visitor, the Red Winged Black Bird.  These birds are very dramatic, and very popular with my babies.

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Phyllis said...

What gorgeous paintings!!! I love them.

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