Jan 1, 2013

Week in Homeschool #15

Here's what we did in our fifteenth week of homeschool.  11.26-11.30

Let's just get this one out of the way.  I didn't take a single relevant photo, mostly because there was So Little "relevant" school this week. 
* took a spelling pretest, and when she got 100% I told her she could skip the rest.
* completed the scheduled phonics pages in one sitting
* maybe did a math review sheet, maybe not
* completed one page of phonics.

And that's pretty much it.  As far as "school" goes.  I'm not saying that we didn't learn anything, just not anything with a schedule or a check mark attached to it!

 I'm not a super seasoned homeshcool mom, but this makes 0 for 3 attempts at completing a last week of homeschool before our December break.  hmmm.

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