Oct 28, 2012

Week in Homeschool #11

The theme of the week :
~We read:
The Pumpkin Patch: A nonfiction photographic journey of a pumpkin patch
Pumpkin Butterfly, Poems from the other side of nature: Poems for all seasons.  We read just the selection that applies to Autumn.
Apples and Pumpkins: We've read this book before.  It's sweet, and it's simple.  I like it.
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever: A sweet little story of two mice trying to grow the biggest pumpkin ever.
The Pumpkin Book: A typical Gail Gibbons book.  Full of colorful illustrations depicting the life cycle, the history, and the celebrations with pumpkins.

Our Letter of the week:
~Snack: Pumpkin tea,pumpkin bread, and pumpkin waffles
~Flower Fairy Poem: Song of the Gorse Fairy
~Book : A Good Brown Earth

Art Study:
  we examined Baseball Players by Elaine De Kooning

Cyrus:  I would not put splashes of color here and everywhere.  I would paint more slowly and let other people see the baseball that the players are about to smack.  I like the colors.  I like the reds, whites, blues, and green.

Ava:  This picture is kinda aggressive, showing lots of movements, and the way everything is blurry shows what just happened.  I don't like the theme very much but I like some of the colors.

In Math:
*charted the daily weather highs
*continued taking practice tests

*played with counting coins

 Just Because:

Field Trip:  
This weekend we headed out to a pumpkin patch!  There was so many different things to do at Joan's Farm & Pumpkin Patch but we kept it pretty simple.  Choosing our perfect pumpkin, and running, and dancing, and climbing trees, and posing for many silly pictures.  I'd definitely like to go back to Joan's farm to experience the gem panning.

This week was our big return to school after our week off.  Unfortunately, at the beginning of the week I had three sick kids, and by the end of the week I had a minor cold, and a huge case of apathy.
We accomplished so very little of our core subjects this week, and I just couldn't find it in me to care.   We got through the week.  We read books about pumpkins, we made and ate pumpkin foods.  Ava did some spelling, Cyrus did some phonics, and they both did a tiny bit of math.
So next week we'll start fresh.
That's just the way it goes some times.
And honestly, once I let go of any expectations, the week wasn't so bad. I kinda liked it. Illness and all. 


Jackie P said...

One of the beauties of homeschooling is being able to take time off, or to take it slowly when you need to do that. We were sick last week too. Hope you are all feeling better now.

Here is a link to Harvest and Halloween spelling lists at Spelling City. Thought your kids might find them kinda fun!



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Amanda said...

Thank you Jackie. That's very thoughtful.


Amanda said...
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Phyllis said...

I always love your art appreciation pieces. How do you choose them? Is it in your curriculum or do you choose them yourself?

Amanda said...

Thanks Phyllis. I use the Come Look with Me series. It's super simple, but it gives them a little time each week to look at and explore fine art.

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