Sep 17, 2012

Week in Homeschool #6

The theme of the week
~We read:
Rain Makes Apple Sauce: We own, and love this book.  (hands down Cyrus's favorite apple book)  "That's just silly talk!"  And this poem is silly.  So silly.  It speaks the language of children with absurd perfection.
Apples: This is a nonfiction book that we own, and really has so much information, I probably didn't need the others.
Apples and Pumpkins:  I remember loving this book in the past, so I didn't think to read it before I checked it out from the library this week.  It really belongs in a Halloween week, more than apples, but since my kids think Halloween is just around the corner they didn't mind.
Apple Harvest:  A very simple (maybe overly so) nonfiction apple book.
From Seed to Apple Tree:  another nonfiction apple book.  I'm not sure that this was necessary, but it was enjoyed.
The Apple Pie that Papa Baked: From our personal collection.  A building/repeating rhyme with gorgeous paper cut out illustrations.  I love this book.   I have even made hand gestures to this book became a huge favorite with my kids.

Our Letter of the week:
~Snack: Marshmallow treats (rice crispy treats)
~Flower Fairy Poem:  The Song of the Mallow Fairy
~Book : Mother Night

 Our Poem of the Month:
This week Ava read us our Poem of the month. 

In Art:
We made an apple garland.  This is the first incarnation of our garland.  I decided it needed a little something extra, so throughout the week I kept adding things.  More on that later.   (I gathered my inspiration for our garland from several different google searches)

Art Study: 
 we examined Archery of the Mandan by George Catlin.   
Cyrus:  "I like the grass field and all those trees, and I think the stuff they brought to see who can win is good"
Ava:  "I don't really want to play a game with bows and arrows.  It just sounds dangerous and scary.  I like the hills and the sky."

In History:
We studied Sargon, the first Sumerian dictator.

In Science:
We were supposed to talk about kinetic energy.  Instead we spent a few days  the week playing with balloons.  I'm sure we'll get to it next week.

In Math:
*  learned the term perimeter
*  measured the perimeter of rectangles
*  solved the construction of a rectangle given a perimeter
*  made a ruler, and used it to measure longer distances
*  reviewed diameter
*  made estimations
*  constructed, and found the perimeter of triangles
*  learned the term isosceles
*  practiced subtraction by going back
*  learned several ways of reading 'years'

*  used Ten in the Bed to illustrate counting down 
*  partitioning 5
*  learn that + means and
*  place value of tens

In Music:
  Cyrus really liked the scarier music that we heard this week, by  Johann Sebastian Bach.
 composer cards, (Montessori Materials)

Field Trip:  
We headed out to pick apples at Chileno Valley Ranch .
Apples, pears, flowers, cows, sheep, chicken, pigs, and bees.  More on that wonderful day later!

We really had a great week.  There were a few things that didn't get done,  (science, and nature journals)  but there were other subjects that received extra attention (math) so in the end we seemed to find another perfect balance.  I love homeschooling.


Phyllis said...

Our weeks go like that, too. Our subjects are always out of balance, but in the end they all get covered. I love your letter cards. I love that you do poetry so regularly. I need to do that, too. You have inspired me. I love your apple garland, too, and am looking forward to seeing what else you will do with it. I even love your art selection this week...we studied the Mandan a lot last year when we studied Lewis and Clark. I should have done this painting at the same time! You always inspire me.

Bending Birches said...

wow- what a week! so much thought put into everything....bravo!

Amanda said...

Oh Phyllis, I really don't think that I do as much as it seems. I just take loads of pictures. It's a funny thing, you're * my* inspiration!

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