Nov 4, 2012

Week In Homeschool #12

Our theme of the week:  Halloween
We read:
All the Halloween books in our home library!
And Then Comes Halloween:  A poem of the turn of season, and bringing of Halloween.
Dem Bones:  A classic, we sing it.
Old Old Witch:  A short poem, that reads like a song.
Pumpkin Shivaree:  The story of a seed to a pumpkin, to a jack-o-lantern, then back to a seed that returns to the earth.
Child of Faerie, Child of Earth:  A favorite loved by the whole family.  We love the story, and the illustrations.
Which Witch is Which?:  Try to solve each riddle using imaginative illustrations.
Two Little Witches:  A counting rhyme.
It's Halloween:  A collection of 13 poems by Jack Prelutsky.  They are funny, spooky, but not scary. 

All of the books on this list are loved.  Most of them I picked up used at the library, some of them were gifts.  We look forward to bringing them out every October.

Our Letter of the Week:
GFJ review.
Snack of the week:  Pumpkin bread, and Halloween candy!

Our art project this week was a gift from their Aunt Rachael.  She sent us the materials to make these wooden bead, and pipe cleaner spiders.  These will surely be a treasure to bring out every year.

Art Study:
This week we explored  Fast Break, by Red Grooms.   The last image in the book.    

Cyrus:  "This looks too much aggressive, and I see a person getting hit in the body  There is a lot of movement, and wood missing on the floor.  It looks like the ground is shaking up and down. "

Ava: "I see a lot of movement energy and noise with the way the people are acting.  And I see how people would be moving."         


We brought home dry ice on Halloween as a surprise for our family.  It was a great review of the states of matter.

We read about Ancient China.

*Roman Numerals
*Finished graphing the weather for October
*Continued charting her time of 8 different review sheets.

Using Dumbledore as our example, we talked about the qualities that they thought would make a great leader.
respect, peace, wisdom, 
honest, fair, 
powerful, kind.

Field Trip:
This week's field trip was Trick-or-Treating on Halloween.

This week we wrapped up our first trimester of the year!  Next week we will start our Autumn/Winter trimester.   This was another week that was less than perfect academically, but we managed to get done what needed to be done.    I'm going to stop making predictions that next week I'll be on top of my game!  The week may have lacked a few lessons, but it sure turned out to be a very fun, and memorable week.  And that's one of the reasons why we homeschool.

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