Feb 13, 2012

Visit of Valentine's Past...

 Tonight we'll dine with candle light, receive small tokens,  exchange hand crafted Valentine's, write our declarations of love, and my children will also get some of these
 Soon I will post about all the work my little one's have been up to this year, just as soon as I get the batteries for my extra camera charged.  
I'd like to share today previous posts about Valentine's in our past. 
 ~A homeschool week dedicated to the lovely holiday.
~A look at how we celebrated last year, and how I used almost the exact words to describe it.  I'm so very original.
 ~And the year before, also with very similar descriptive words.  Super.
~Our first Valentine's Table Blessing
~Our Valentine's day placemats
 ~Valentine's day wreath
~Valentine's day love poems

Many blessings on a day full of love!

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