Feb 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's morning our family exchanged handmade valentines, and gifts.  Himalayan sea salt for Matt, and a handmade tree tile, locally made, for me.  The kids received tiles from Matt (from that same local artist)
and valentine books, and stone hearts (from the Tucson Jem and Mineral Show) from me.  We had a breakfast of waffles, with hearts cut out of the center.  Quite in theme for our day!  With their lunch my babies each had a blueberry Izze sparkling juice (soda) and heart shaped (I don't have any good pictures)  home made strawberry ice cream for dessert. 

Indulge me a moment to talk about my tiles?  Thank you, I love them so so much.
I received my first one for christmas..

Its the one that I wanted, and now that its in my home I know I need a set, a collection of seasons.  So I was ecstatic when Matt gifted me this one the other day...

Can't you see how my wall is patiently waiting to be filled in?  Yes, I can to.
Maybe for my birthday, or mother's day?  

Back to our Valentine's day....

Ava and I went and got pedicures!  It was So. Much. Fun.  A little extravagant, and totally not our normal way to do things, but oh my goodness.  It was just what my pregnant legs and feet wanted, and Ava was so excited.  A very pampering day for us.

Such precious little toes, that were so excited to get sparkles and flowers, and new flip flops courtesy of her nail technician.

Of course Ava never lets the beauty go to her head...

Our boys spent some quality time at a park...

We wrapped up our day with books about loving, and put our babies to bed nice and early.  Then Matt made me the most amazing dinner!!!  
~Tomato bisque (from our home grown tomatoes) and lobster tail
~Halibut in a fennel shallot lemon butter sauce
~with potatoes and roasted asparagus.

What a great holiday.  Seriously.

Tomorrow I want to talk about how we used our scrap Valentine materials... then I am done.  Promise.

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leaner said...

I love getting a pedicure with Gwennie or Rhayn it is special mommy daughter time. And I agree, it is what pregnant legs/feet need once in a while.

I love those tiles, too! Pretty!

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