Feb 20, 2012

Balloons, Glorious Balloons!

Or maybe it should be titled:  Air as a Substance (that was the title of the science lesson)
Or maybe it should be titled:  SCIENCE IS SO MUCH FUN! (that's what my 7 year old yelled)

This is what it looked like...

A few weeks ago we followed up our science lesson on states of matter with a lesson on air as a substance.  Solids and liquids are easier to grasp (literally), but gasses are trickier.  The fabulous Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding addresses this with balloons.
Blowing them up
Letting them fly
Transferring Air from one balloon to another
Weighing different amounts of air blown into same sized balloons
Running around like crazy people shouting and chasing balloons.
(that last one is of equal importance, if not strictly from the text)

Balloons, Glorious Balloons!

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