Feb 16, 2010

Valentine's Placemats...

If you have been to my house than you will probably know that I really like to make placemats.  They are simple, useful, and best of all can incorporate creativity, and upcycling.  My favorite things in life!  My quest to make placemats for Valentine's Day has been a long one.  I hadn't come across the right fabric.  I didn't want to spend much, I was hoping the material could come from something repurposed, but the elements just hadn't come together for me.  Then one night last week after finishing up my bird placemats I started rummaging through my "stash' (I use the term loosely).  I found 4 old red napkins I had set aside, and forgotten about  for this project.  All I needed was the top.  Next thing I see is an old pillow case waiting to be reused....  Ahah!  I love love LOVE when a project comes together like this.  Everything I need, in my home.  Free.  Upcycling.  Perfect!!

I cut the pillowcase into 4 pieces, cut the red napkins to size, got out some paint, found my little painters and we got to work!

After the first set, Ava's paint plate looked much the same as when I gave it to her....

Cyrus' on the other hand...

With refreshed paint plates they started on their second set...

Cyrus was tired of painting "clean"

After waiting a whole day for them to dry, it was my turn!

Et voila!
The most perfect placemats.
Painted with love and care by my babies.

Here's to all of us finding those moments when everything just comes together!

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