Feb 9, 2011

Love Poems...

I like to play outside the whole time 
By Cyrus
Age 3
 I like a white flower.
It is my favorite color white.
And I like pink flowers too.
And I like space shuttles, 
and airplanes, 
and hot air balloons.
and I like to ride my bike, 
and play with my friend Ethan,
and I like everyone.
And I like everyone and everyone to play.

 When Valentine's Comes around
By Ava
Age 6

When Valentine's day comes

heart flowers pop up.

And when heart flowers pop up

it means today is Valentine's day!  
Lets share this special day.


Grace said...

love love love. children write the most lovely things.

Sylvia said...

These are lovely poems!! My children love the idea of writing a love poem. Thanks!

Kelly said...

My children love your children's poems! They are so beautiful.

Bending Birches said...

true and pure!

luxiii said...


Stephanie said...

Almost inspires me to think Springy thoughts!! :)

arianne said...

So sweet.

Marianna said...

Stopping by from Magic Onions. What lovely poems! I, too, love seeing how children put words together. They make it look so easy.

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