Feb 17, 2011

G week wrap up...

This week in our school we....

Worked with the letter G....
In Poetry...
For our poem of the week we learned the Song of the Gorse Fairy, by Cicely Mary Barker, and colored the Gorse Fairy coloring page.
For our poem of the month Ava continued to work with me on The Return, by Barbara Juster Esbensen.  She thinks is very funny that I haven't memorized it as quickly as she has.

Our theme this week...
We talked about the changes in trees from Winter to Spring.  We read about the changing season's in Vermont's North East Kingdom in one of my favorite stories From Dawn till Dusk, by Natalie Kinsey-Warnok.  We talked about the special gift that Sugar Maples give to us this time of year and read From Maple Trees to Maple Syrup, and Buster's Sugartime.  We had several activities planned to go along with this theme, including making maple candy.. but...We are in the beginning of the best time of year here, and no one wants to stay inside.  We'll see if we get to anything else on my list, I don't mind if we do.

In Nature Study...
While we were outside enjoying Anna The Apple Tree's new blossoms I was able to point out some of the ways we can see Anna grew over the winter.  (which was actually one of my planned activities!)

In Math...
~We reviewed the "+" sign
~Added using tally marks
~Introduced the "=" sing
~Started writing equations using tally marks
~We learned to add quantities based around 5
~Learned the term equals
~Converted tally marks to numerals
~Started writing and reading equations using numerals
~Made abacus bracelets (just for fun)

In Art Study...
We examined Cattleya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds, by Martin Johnson Heade.  Ava was thrilled to finally get to this painting. She spent a very long time exploring every corner.  She likes the way that the artist used pink through out the picture.  She loves the shining ruby neck, and tail feathers of the humming birds.  She noticed how delicate the eggs and nest are, and said she was glad for them that the storm appeared to be passing.  She adores the large pink orchid.

We didn't get to most of the art, and science projects I had planned.  And that is really okay with me.  Its one of the great things about learning at home....  When the backyard calls, we can answer it!

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Butterfly Wishes and Wonderland Dreams said...

love your week of school I'm a new blog follower! Great blog!

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