Feb 27, 2011

Gratitude Monday...

What I am loving today....

(Fresh, homemade jam, on ice cream, in smoothies, and with cream)

~Books for sale at the library
(children's book are .50 cents, and I find the coolest stuff!)

~A girl who likes to plan her future birthday parties as much as I do!
(we have some very exciting plans)

~A baby who goes bananas for bath time!
(he squeals and wiggles so hard I can hardly get him into the water safely)

~A boy who is very excited about his birthday party...
(only 12 more days 'till his FOURth birthday party!)

~A partner who is a genius...
(he switched my Cannon camera lens with my Sony camera, and now I wont lose it!
I know that some of you will get how awesome this was for me)

~homemade pizza
(the sauce, the crust, everything is so perfect!)

~Weekends spent at home
(except for a quick trip to the library. of course.)

~Having books to read again!!!
(Let's hear it for a new teen fantasy romance series!)

Here's to the start of a new week, the end of February and the start of March!

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leaner said...

Let me know if your new series is any good. Im nearly done w/ Anita Blake and will be looking for some postpartum reading soon.

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