Feb 24, 2011

One moment please...

My C,L, and G week wrap up will be up and running soon...  Blogger has decided that I may not post my photos in the format I want them.  Boo to that!  I'm going to wait a few hours, and I'm sure everything will work itself out soon.. Until then...

Here's a photo shoot with my ridiculous children.  You know the scene... You are trying to get things done.  Maybe take a picture or two.  You give the baby a banana and put him in a highchair to keep him happy and occupied.  Your children plead to have pictures taken of them.  You agree.  One acts like a spaceship, or randomly points out his eye.  One tries her best to pose.  One (the baby) looks rather confused as to why every one is sooo close, yet not really paying him proper attention.  On it goes.

These are among the hundreds (thousands? yep.) of photos that no one will ever see.  Until blogger messes with you, and you figure... oh what the hell...

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